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2019 Booking Details

If you are interested in booking a stand or booth at ASEC Expo 2019, please fill the booking form below.

  Rebate: for any reservation sent before April 15, 2018, we offer an exceptional 8% rebate. 

2019 Rates

Naked space :

  Starting at 350 € HT /m2  

This option does not include any stand or booth set-up or any lay-out. Booking naked space allows you to design your own stand, according to your own technical and esthetic criteria.
Naked space right in front of the main entry to the exhibition venue: 450.00 € (Exclusive of taxes)/per square meter.

A prepared stand :

  Starting at 450 € HT /m2  

This basic option includes: floor-covering (carpet); two signs featuring the name of the firm and/or its logo on the façade; 3 by 9 square meter light-spot; a multi-socket main extension; 1 insert in the official catalogue; 2 invitations to the exhibitors Cocktail.

Outdoor space :

  Starting at 120 € HT /m2  

The outdoor exhibition is designed for exhibitors like fire-fighters truck manufacturers; ambulance makers; security-fence makers; outdoor video-surveillance specialists; and so forth.

Do not hesitate to reach your commercial contact for any help or assistance relative to your stand.

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